About Us

ARCH who we are

ARCH has been organising charitable events for nearly 30 years. We host annual fundraising concerts and charity auctions along with garden events. This raises funds to pay musicians to play to audiences in a growing number of hospitals, hospices and residential care homes.

Playing to Audiences

Please let us know if you would like ARCH to put on a concert in a Hospital, Hospice or Care Home in your local area.

Making a Difference

We believe we make a worthwhile difference to the lives of a very large number of vulnerable people while they are in care by giving them the enjoyment and music therapy of the performances. They also engage with our professional musicians talking about the pieces they play and their composers. One delighted resident described the experience as better than any medicine she had been given!

We managed to perform 4 concerts in Scotland up to February this year but due to the COVID-19 pandemic have sadly not been able to book any since,. We are very hopeful of finding ways to resurrect our concert programme next year.